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Press Coverage

Um browser personalizável que promete deixar a navegação mais intuitiva e fluida

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Le navigateur français UR Browser s'annonce en bêta

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UR Browser : le navigateur français qui veut «s’attaquer à Chrome»

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UR Browser : Le Google Chrome à la française !

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UR Browser, un browser european care vrea să înlocuiască Chrome în viaţa ta

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Chegou o browser que muda consoante o momento do seu dia

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UR Browser : Un navigateur web Made in France gratuit pour concurrencer Chrome

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Plan AMBIŢIOS! UR Browser vrea să le facă concurenţă giganţilor Chrome și Firefox

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UR Browser : le nouveau navigateur made in France... ou presque

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L'Autre Actu de la Tech

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Press Releases


European Browser enters the race against Chrome

PARIS, June 6, 2016—French start-up AdaptiveBee today announced the beta launch of UR Browser, following nearly a year of development. UR Browser joins technology and digital content in a browser built for users who are increasingly consuming content online.

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